Monday, June 29, 2009


How was your weekend? Ours was full of surprises. Our girlfriend from North Mankato was visiting. Saturday we received a call from one of Dad's cousins. She and her husband were in town for a wedding and were in the neighbor so they stopped by. We were going to have a picnic that evening so we invited them to stay. Other friends of ours were also joining us for the picnic. There ended up being a total of 11 eleven of us. 9 adults and 1 child and 1 baby. Lots of food to eat and even more fun.

Sunday, my sisters, Dad and I met our friend for breakfast. As we were leaving the restaurant, former fellow caterers came in the door. Soon more of our former fellow caterers came in the door. We have forgotten we were meeting them for breakfast at 10:30. So we finished paying our bill and waited to be seated again. OK so we have desert. It had been at least a half hour since we had eaten breakfast!!!!!

After breakfast, the four of us girls went to Como Park to see the new giraffe. It was such a beautiful day there was a good crowd there. Thankfully we just need to walk there to enjoy rather needing to look for a parking spot.

I have pictures ready to list of the new items I completed last week for my etsy shop. They will be posted this week. I also have a couple new pictures of the white shrug. They are aready posted.

Enjoy your week. Be productive!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


How productive were you last night? Last night was one of those nights my get up and go didn't leave without me. I had a 8 rows left to go on a new color of knitted dish cloth and one side and handle to finish on a crocheted mesh bag. Determined to finish them last night, I walked on the tread mill until the dish cloth was finish and had a good start on the next. (I find I am more steady on the tread mill when I walk. Go figure). Next step, finish the mesh bag. In short order that was also completed and I started a 3-way scarf that's knitted. You make it in the round so it get interesting to knit with a fuzzy yarn and try to make it in a circle without twisting it. Accomplished. YEAH!!!! Then on to sewing. Boy was I on a roll. I completed 6 cooling neck bands (4 of these consist of 2 each of 2 different fabrics). I will be busy taking pictures this weekend of 5 new listing for my etsy shop. The list of items to make continues. Good thing, I would hate to run out of things to make!!! :)

Check out my shop at: to see what new items these and many other items I have made. I try to add new items as often as possible.