Friday, June 26, 2009


How productive were you last night? Last night was one of those nights my get up and go didn't leave without me. I had a 8 rows left to go on a new color of knitted dish cloth and one side and handle to finish on a crocheted mesh bag. Determined to finish them last night, I walked on the tread mill until the dish cloth was finish and had a good start on the next. (I find I am more steady on the tread mill when I walk. Go figure). Next step, finish the mesh bag. In short order that was also completed and I started a 3-way scarf that's knitted. You make it in the round so it get interesting to knit with a fuzzy yarn and try to make it in a circle without twisting it. Accomplished. YEAH!!!! Then on to sewing. Boy was I on a roll. I completed 6 cooling neck bands (4 of these consist of 2 each of 2 different fabrics). I will be busy taking pictures this weekend of 5 new listing for my etsy shop. The list of items to make continues. Good thing, I would hate to run out of things to make!!! :)

Check out my shop at: to see what new items these and many other items I have made. I try to add new items as often as possible.

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