Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Thursday was the kick off the of what we affectionately call the "Great Mn Get-Together". namely, the Mn State Fair. 12 great days of fun!!!!!! One of my sisters, a girlfriend and I went on Thursday. As our girlfriend had a limited amount of time to spend there, we went early. We were there about 8. This is early for us, as we usually go to church, then help clean strawberries before we head over. Our parish cleans the strawberries for a booth called the "Strawberries 'N Cream". This is our 14th year cleaning them. Our church is located 2 blocks from the fair grounds.

We had great weather for our day. Reports the following day said they broke last years record attendence by 10,000 people. The total was well over 110,000 for the day. So far this year they have surpassed the totals for two different days compared to last year. They are reporting with the economy being what it is, people are not traveling as far and the State Fair is their vacation this year. With tons of food booths and things to do and see, many of them are free, it is a great way to spend the day. We left around 8 that night. Check out their website at: www.mnstatefair.org for more information.

I had my pedometer read over 16000 steps on it by the time we got home. WHEW!!!!! "Don't miss it, don't even be late!" The fair continues thru Labor Day, Sept. 7th. ENJOY!!!!

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