Wednesday, July 1, 2009


They say we continue to learn every day of our lives. I believe that. For example today I learned how to add my etsy shop to my blog. My sisters have given my many times to learn, tho I don't think they realize that. You see, my sisters own houses. There is always work to be done around a home. I'm not just talking about cleaning. They have had their homes for several years and in the case of one, many years. Over the years we have learned to tape, mud, sand and paint walls and ceilings. I have learned to rewire lights and many other tasks.

This past week my sister and I have been working on her project house. She purchased the home about 6-7 years ago. It is used for women in crisis pregencies. The third family that has lived there purchased a home of their own in May. We are sorry to see them leave the neighborhood, but am happy for them. During our work to get it ready for the tenent, we had two new learning experiences: replacing screens in combination windows and replace linoleum. The linoleum needed to replaced on the counter top (thankfully is was a small area), a cabinet next to the stove and the entry way into the house using the back door. As I said this is not something I have ever done before. The countertop and entry way were the most challenging, I am greatful they were both small spaces. They entry had the extra learning opportunity as you step up on either side of the space. One way into the kitchen, the other into the bathroom. We layed the linoleum up both steps.

Always remember, we never quit learning and we are never too old to learn. Enjoy all your learning opportunities. You may be very surprised!!!! Have a great day111

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