Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Philomenia House

On Saturday, The Co-Directors (Joyce and Bernie), Secretary(Geralyn) and Treasurer(myself) of Philomenia House LLC, met to discuss the duties of the officers and finalize the list of officers. We had a guest join us. After introductions, we discovered our guest and I went to high school together. (Small world).

A little background on Philomenia House LLC: Philomenia House is a non-profit organization working to provide homes for women in crisis pregnancies. It is an expansion of the "Little House" project. The "Little House" is owned by Geralyn. It was purchased in July 2002 and after 9 months (Geralyn pointed out the time frame) the house was ready for the first tenent. We have been blessed with many new families through this project.

The hope of Philomenia House is to provide a home for pregnant women, who need a temporary place to live.

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