Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Trip

If you are ever in the Black Hills, be sure to check out Iron Mountain Road. It is 17 miles long, with one lane bridges and tunnels. We took this on our way to Hot Springs. Iron Mountain Road winds thru the Black Hills. There are couple places you can pull off to take increditible pictures. Tho they are at different angles and distances, you are eye level with Mount Rushmore. We drove this route to get to Hot Springs, but I warn you, it is not just the 17 miles of this road, but you end up in Custer State Park. Now we just driving through so we didn't have to buy the pass for the park. There are several signs warning about the animals roam freely and do not approach the buffalo, they are dangerous. Ok, so I was thinking it must be like the deer crossing signs we see here and never see a deer. Wrong!!! We came around a corner to a meadow and there was a buffalo walking. He didn't notice us. It was sad to see him, he was walking very slow and his head was down. We were trying to figure out why he was alone. Was he too old or sick and the others left him or kicked him out of the herd to die???

A couple meadows later we found a herd of about 30-40. One was taking his old sweet time getting across the road. Great picture opportunity!!!! We also saw elk and deer as well.

After driving a remarkable 70 miles, we were still in Custer State Park. There was only one place we could exist the area, but it would take us back to Keystone. Not where we were heading.

Anyway, take the long road and enjoy the scenery, but don't take it if you are in a hurry, you don't want to miss the wonders God has put here for us to enjoy in our great country.

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