Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Road Trip

Dad and I got back from our 5 day road trip last night. It was great!!!!! We went to the Black Hills in South Dakota, down into Nebraska, across Nebraska to Dixon, NE, where his dad was born and lived for 17 years, then to West Bend, IA, to see the Grotto of the Redemption, then home. Lots of windshield time, but a lot more fun. We had great weather and good roads. Ok we did have some road construction. Thanksfully it was going out to the Black Hills. The first stretch was 17 miles (felt like 30) the second stretch was 23 miles and I believe there was another one in there too. Of course we also hit road construction on 35 back here in MN. I will try to share more of our trip in the coming days.

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