Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Road Trip - Continued

Our trip started about 8:30 am on Thursday, July 9th. I am hoping to have my pictures from the trip downloaded tonight so I can share some of them with you. We stopped in Owatonna, MN for breakfast and continued out to the Black Hills. The second season is also going strong in SD - road construction. Between here and the Black Hills, we hit 3 different sections of road construction. The first was 17 miles long, the second was 23 miles, the third not sure but after a while they all seem to go on forever.

When we started out the weather was a little chilly, but as we got closer to the Black Hills, it started to warm up. It was in the 80's and sunny. We made a quick stop in Wall, SD to get a homemade donut. These are not your ordinary donuts. They are thick and very good. As it was getting late, we were in a hurry to get to our hotel. That night as I layed in bed, thankful for the safe travel and good weather, I heard the start of a thunderstorm and prayed it would be over by the time we headed out in the morning.

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